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Virtual Seminar on Climate Economics - Shared screen
Glenn Rudebusch (SF Fed)
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Toan Phan
@Darius yes, the recording will be available at a later date on https://www.frbsf.org/economic-research/events/virtual-seminar-on-climate-economics/
Toan Phan
tiny because it’s per period. the cumulative is on the righthand side , like $20
Toan Phan
@Svenn, with EZ preferences, how would that 25% number change?
Toan Phan
oh never mind it’s answered here :)
Toan Phan
the fact that EZ numbers don’t change much compared to RRA numbers could be because you don’t explicitly consider fat tail here?
Glenn Rudebusch (SF Fed)
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Tamma Carleton
Just to echo Fran, in our work at the Climate Impact Lab, we find that these damage functions both differ strongly across sectors and are highly uncertain. So while we investigate multiple functional forms (e.g. quadratic and cubic), it’s often difficult to statistically differentiate between functional forms. But we are working actively on this, as are many others!