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Virtual Seminar on Climate Economics - Shared screen
Oscar Jorda (SF Fed)
To ask a question, type it into this chat feature and select “Raise hand.” If you want me to read the question, type “Please ask” as well. Given the large audience, please be concise and avoid distracting side conversation.
Emily McGlynn
How explicit is the FAIR carbon cycle in modeling terrestrial carbon dynamics? Are terrestrial carbon stocks modeled?
Julio Herrera Estrada
Does the damage function include impacts from extreme events (e.g., wildfires, hurricanes, etc.)? If not, how much do you think the damage function underestimates the damages?
Ja'Lisa Tate
With the climate damage what is the climate damage cost that would be needed yearly to supply back the infrastructure and land with the fertilizations, as well as the keeping the bio hemisphere in tact through these climate changes before you get to the housing up keep as well as the vehicles being driven and used to get around safely keeping the gravel in the roads in tact as the vehicle has well. I notice the asphalt we lay and the charcoal asphalt we lay down on the ground every year to maintain the roads with the concrete, which is more the costly up keep.
Julio Herrera Estrada
Even if takes time, a collapse in the West Antarctica Ice Sheet will deeply affect coastal cities and make island countries disappear. Is the low % increase from this TP due to the discount rate or what really explains this low number?
Julio Herrera Estrada
(i.e., how is it that we value the disappearance of entire countries so low even if it is expected to happen beyond 2100?)
Julio Herrera Estrada
Thanks, Oscar
Hélène Benveniste
How do you explain the lower number for SSP5-RCP8.5 than for SSP2-RCP4.5?
james cox
Question: Is there a study that looks at forest fires as a tipping point globally affecting CO2 absorption (ie carbon capture)? Continual loss of old growth forests would seem to reasonably affect CO2 concentration and rate of increase of temp increase globally…
Thomas Hauner
What is the time horizon for SCC changes? 25% seems incredibly low for aggregate TP impacts on the ecosphere, which would alter life completely. Is the that the temperature damage function is driving the dynamics? (Feel free to ask on my behalf)
Ja'Lisa Tate
Thank you for your assist with the information you've provided. It was very helpful.